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FIPT-400-MF - automated multifiber inspection solution

Giá bán: Liên hệ

Đặc trưng của máy đo:

Multifiber inspection tip compatible with EXFO’s MF-ready fiber inspection probe series and designed for easy access to recessed connectors in dense panels

Fully automated multifiber tip compatible with both USB and wireless probes

Interchangeable nozzles for compatibility with MPO, MTP® ¹, QODC® ²-12, & OptiTip® ³ MT connectors

Simply pull the trigger to inspect single- or dual-row fiber connectors (12/24 or 16/32)

Slim design and rotation capabilities made for dense/recessed patch panels

Individually numbered fibers to avoid confusion

Screenless operation enabled by pass/fail LED indicator

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