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Fastest inspection in the industry for both single-fiber and multi-fiber connectors, with the most reliable results. Self-contained, fully automated tool for zero-button testing all day—without the need to recharge batteries or offload results.

Giá bán: Liên hệ

Đặc điểm nổi bật

  • Less handling, more doing.
  • Express zero-button MPO inspection.

  • Less handling, more doing.

  • Test all day with lots of battery life and memory.

  • Lowering the cost of ownership.

Key features

  • Fastest inspection in the industry (in under 10 seconds for MPO-12)
  • Best-in-class optical performance for accurate and repeatable results
  • Zero-button inspection: 100% automated from insertion to data saving
  • Wide array of adapter tips for single-fiber and multi-fiber connectors (e.g., LC, SC, ST, MPO, OptiTap®, OptiTip®)
  • Smartphone-grade 2.4-inch color touchscreen
  • Quick-connect design: quarter-turn click for switching between any tips or inspection type
  • Test all day without any interruption: long-lasting battery and memory space to store results locally – 1800 (MPO) or 10 000 (single-fiber)

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