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ConnectorMax MPO Link Test Solution - polarity, continuity and connector testing

Only solution that tests, MPO 12 and MPO 24 singlemode (up to 5 km) or multimode (up to 2 km) cables

Compatible with APC, UPC, male (pinned) and female (unpinned) connectors

Fully automated, quick test process with customizable pass/fail thresholds

Automatic PDF reporting: confirm the job was done right

Mobile device application for viewing all results in a single app


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Automated, all-in-one solution to validate MPO/MTP® fiber optic links of any type, including MPO 12 and MPO 24 singlemode or multimode cables as well as APC or UPC and male or female connectors


Test now or put your network at risk

Multifiber push-on (MPO) connectors are increasingly popular because they provide many advantages to high-speed network operators, owners and installation companies. They are used to connect the fastest links that deliver the most sensitive of services and data to customers, enable high-speed interconnects and create redundancy.

Increasingly, telcos are also reconfiguring their central offices into data centers (CORDs) and deploying MPO cables with 12, but more and more, 24 fibers. When not properly tested, multifiber links can put the entire health of a network at risk. Without proper validation, CORD operators may end up having to pull the plug on critical lines at the same time for troubleshooting.

Traditional methods fall short

Traditional multifiber testing solutions often fall short on design or price, can’t perform all three critical tests or don’t offer analysis and reporting capabilities. Customers are left choosing between solutions that are either too much for what they really need (and too expensive) or sorely lacking in features and fit. What’s more, they often have to buy different units to get the job done.

To avoid downtime or unnecessary OPEX and CAPEX, techs need simple, easy-to-use tools—and a clear, reliable method—to get essential testing required done quickly and accurately.

One solution, three essential MPO tests

The ConnectorMax MPO Link Test Solution takes the three essential tests needed to validate MPO links—polarity, continuity and connector cleanliness—and combines them into one automated solution. It pairs a light source at one end of the cable with a fiber inspection probe for analysis at the other end—a first in the industry. The solution brings together the ConnectorMax Multifiber Source with the ConnectorMax  Fiber Inspection Probe to deliver a quick and easy-to-use solution that validates the polarity type, continuity and connector cleanliness of MPO fiber optic links. It provides a fit for purpose solution that helps our customers test and turn up networks right the first time—making deployments faster, more efficient and cost effective.

As many customers already own an EXFO probe, this solution is highly economical. Not only do field technicians already benefit from the best MPO inspection tool on the market that eradicates the number one cause of network failures (contaminated connectors), it now enables them to check polarity and continuity, in just about the same time as inspection alone.

Results are loaded in the ConnectorMax Analysis Softwware , an app for mobile devices providing clear pass/fail status and reporting functions, making it easy for technicians to perform and view the results of all three of these tests on the spot.

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