FTB portable test platforms

EXFO’s FTB platform family delivers unsurpassed operational efficiency through integrated applications, embedded testing tools, as well as with routines and flexible connectivity options that streamline inventory management, simplify field communications and extend in-the-field capabilities.

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Characteristics of the meter:

  • Start faster, multitask
  • Use any Office suite
  • Connect to printers, cameras, keyboards, mice, and more
  • Share your desktop (e.g. using TeamViewer)
  • Use an antivirus software
  • Communicate via email services and OTT apps
  • Record and automate actions
  • Share files via cloud-based storage
  • EXFO ToolBox
  • Web browser
  • Remote connection service
  • Optical test application
  • Ethernet/transport test application
  • EXFO’s EXpert Test Tools
  • PDF Reader

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